New West Investment Management, Inc. was created to meet investors’ needs by combining personal financial service with professional investment results. Founded in 1990 by Peter V. Hedberg, New West is a registered investment advisor that manages separate investment portfolios on a discretionary, fee-only basis.

The mission of New West Investment Management, Inc. is to assist our clients in building permanent, long-term wealth in order to create and preserve financial independence. We think in terms of financial independence rather than of retirement. More...


New West uses a four-step method that promotes education and understanding regarding our clients’finances. Our process outlines investment objectives, identifies resources, provides investment management, and tracks results. This foundation supports our clients in achieving their investment goals. More...


Our investment approach utilizes a deep understanding of the elements of asset pricing, ranging from governmental policies and stability to economic factors including interest rate structure and expectations for growth. These macroeconomic factors guide our portfolio asset allocation decisions. More...


New West seeks to identify mispriced securities. When buying shares of a company we look for abnormally profitable businesses that have a sustainable advantage. We construct investment portfolios, using individual securities in most cases, to increase transparency and to decrease risk, fees, and taxes. More...

Personal Attention, Professional Results

Our attitude towards personal service allows us to understand client needs in great detail, to tailor a portfolio suited to those needs, and to communicate information in a fashion that enhances our clients’ understanding and comfort with their wealth.

Our professional results on a risk-adjusted basis result from long-term focus on large and small factors in a world increasingly focused on the short-term. We manage your money like we do our own. Our clients’ trust and understanding in how we manage their portfolios allows us to invest for their success.


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