New West Investment Management, Inc. uses a four-step process that promotes education and understanding regarding our clients’ finances. Our method outlines investment objectives, identifies resources, provides investment management and tracks results. This foundation supports our clients in achieving their investment goals.

Financial planning establishes investment objectives and provides clear economic goals. We believe in a personal approach that addresses concerns in a singular fashion whenever possible, rather than an overwhelming procedure that attempts to address all issues at once. As such, there are no long questionnaires, confusing reports or upfront expenses. Areas of attention may range from college funding and insurance needs to retirement income requirements and estate considerations.

A complete review of one’s net worth is the next step.  Financial needs are addressed with income, assets and liabilities and a complete understanding of the details and risks of all holdings and obligations provides the framework for successful management of an investment portfolio. Included may be an evaluation of mortgages and loans, adequacy of cash holdings, retirement plans and other future sources of income as well as investments in businesses, real estate, stocks, bonds and mutual funds.

New West now takes on responsibility for building and managing a portfolio of investment securities. This is done on a fiduciary basis whereby we review and make changes to the portfolio on a continuous, discretionary basis. We base our portfolio adjustments on objectives established and information obtained in the first two steps of this process combined with our investment approach and philosophy. Assets are held in individual accounts at an independent brokerage firm.

The final step in our investment process is to prepare, deliver and review with clients a quarterly performance report that details the total return on the portfolio, the asset allocation, annual expected income and the individual securities held in the accounts. Also provided is a comparison of results to different types of asset classes and a discussion as to how the portfolio is being managed relative to our client’s financial goals.

New West Investment Management, Inc. never holds, or has access to, the investment assets, but only makes investment decisions based entirely on our understanding of our client’s financial needs. For our services we are compensated with a fee based on the value of assets managed.


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